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MFN 33 (1/3)
Kirschbaum, Joseph M. : Slovakia: Nation at the Crossroads of Central Europe. New York, Robert Speller & sons 1960. 371 s. Reg. menný.

MFN 60 (2/3)
Slovakia in the 19th and 20th centuries. Proceedings of the Conference on Slovakia held during the General Meeting of the Slovak World Congress on June 17-18, 1971, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. [Ed.]: Kirschbaum, Joseph M. Toronto - Ontario The Slovak World Congress 1973. 464 s. Reg.

MFN 99 (3/3)
Kirschbaum, Joseph M. : Slovakia's Struggle for Independence. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Z.M.S. and 1st assembly of the C.S.L. 1979. 66 s.

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